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MARKS Flying Site Rules

  • Use of flying sites is restricted to members of the MARKS club and guests.

  • All members and guests must hold a valid AMA membership and may be required to show proof of the same while on site. No Exceptions!

  • Model flying will be in strict accordance with the current official AMA safety code.

  • Maintenance of the area is the responsibility of the MARKS club, which shall at all times maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition (What you bring out to the filed must be taken home for proper disposal).

  • Before turning on transmitter, check frequency board and with other flyers in the area.

  • Maximum of 5 planes and/or helicopters in flight at any time.

  • Engine noise is restricted to 96db or less.

  • No taxiing in pits. Carry your aircraft to and from the runway.

  • Call Taking Off before entering runway for takeoff.

  • Call Landing to notify other flyers.

  • While flying, Engine Failure has priority – other flyers must give way.

  • Mid-air collisions are considered no-fault.

  • Flights are limited to 20 minutes on crowded frequencies.

  • Kill engine before returning to pit area.

  • No flying over pits.

  • Maintain constant lookout for other aircraft within flight are and give way to all.

  • Always give way to all full craft scale aircraft, no exceptions.

  • Model aircraft must be identified with RC pilots name and address and/or AMA number.

  • Flying in a deliberately reckless manner will Not Be Tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.

  • When in doubt of rules ask a follow member.

The following are additional rules which apply to the Greenspot flying site:

  • Altitude is restricted to 400 feet AGL (Above Ground Level)

  • A Unicom (radio) monitor will be used at all times while field is in operation to monitor Redlands Airport Unicom 123.05MHz.

  • Field will remain Closed if visibility is less than 3 miles.

  • An observer must be present at all times to monitor potential conflicts with full scale aircraft approaching or departing Redlands Airport.

  • Flying will be restricted to the North side of the runway centerline.

  • Flying pattern is right hand traffic for normal operations

  • Close and lock gate behind you both when Entering and Leaving the Greenspot site

  • No flying with smoke systems at any time. Because smoke trails can be seen for miles and because there are frequently full scale airplanes over head smoke generating systems are prohibited at the Greenspot field.